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XPEL’s Chris Hardy Discusses Wholesale Pricing Changes

Jan 4th, 2023

WINDOW FILM magazine caught up with XPEL’s director of sales Chris Hardy to discuss a wholesale pricing shift and the market conditions facilitating the move. The conversation follows a social media post centered on the changing conditions, which generated 280 comments as of January 3. WF: Can you confirm the current minimum purchasing volume needed […]

Patric Fransko Beats Cancer For Second Time

Dec 28th, 2022

The Holidays are packed with presents, and Window Film Pros founder Patric Fransko received a significant gift right before Christmas. Industry veteran Fransko defeated prostate cancer after a bout that began in early August. The victory comes 22 years after a successful battle with stage IIIB colon cancer. “In a season where we often hear […]

Three Critical Local Marketing Strategies

Jul 27th, 2022

Marketing is often discussed in a broad sense. Terms are thrown around—having a website, doing “SEO,” running AdWords and managing targeted social media campaigns. While these are all important for a small business, focusing on specific local marketing strategies could pay significant dividends. In this article, I will focus on three local marketing strategies critical […]

Decorative Window Films Transform Glass Panels in Four Ways

Apr 13th, 2022

Decorative window films are an easy, inexpensive way to transform glass panels by adding style and functionality to a commercial space or home. Also, one of the lesser known things about them is how incredibly versatile they are. There are uses for decorative glass film in nearly any space to improve privacy, add branding and […]

The Ukraine-Russia War Brings Heartbreak and Potential Business Woes

Mar 2nd, 2022

Denis Pundik was born in the Soviet Union in 1977, 14 years before its dissolution in 1991. He’s the owner of Cape Cod Tint Guy in Cape Cod, Mass. But with family and connections in Ukraine, his mind wanders beyond film after Russia’s February 24 invasion. “I spoke with my buddy, and his wife has […]

3 Ways to Write Better Ongoing Content for Your Website

Feb 16th, 2022

Creating ongoing content on your website is essential. First, it keeps the site fresh. When content is added regularly, the website avoids stagnation and informs visitors that what they’re looking at is current. Second, it is good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Ongoing content can be used to fulfill your SEO strategy and get an […]

Center Stage: Montana Johnson Makes His Mark

Jan 5th, 2022

When did you read your first WINDOW FILM magazine issue? For Montana Johnson, owner of Tint Guys Super Shop in Augusta, Ga., it was the early 2000s. He began his career installing automotive accessories at 16 years old but desired more in the decade ahead. “I was doing my research,” Johnson says. “I started ordering […]

The New Guy—A Member of the Clubhouse

May 26th, 2021

Welcome back to The New Guy, a weekly blog where I—recently-hired assistant editor and newcomer to the window film industry—share my experiences, lightbulb moments and personal opinions. This week, I want to speak about Clubhouse, a rising social platform that is giving the window film industry a voice. • For those that don’t know, Clubhouse […]

To Pull or Not to Pull? That is the Question.

May 1st, 2019

There are many times where I’ll speak with colleagues and fellow installers and at some point in time the subject of installation styles is breached. Do you shrink in this way? Have you tried using this solution? Do you use this tool? Do you post heat? It seems one of the biggest debates in the […]

Window Film Pros Rally Around Tinter’s Deceased Niece

Jul 15th, 2015

When Randy Humphries’ niece Maxcena passed away, he took to Facebook simply to ask for prayers. What he got instead was a whole lot more. “I don’t ask for many things from people but in this case I do I ask for prayers,” the Burlington, Mass.-based Tint Works owner posted. “My sister’s 2-month-old daughter passed […]

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