Leadership Inspiration by Jonathan Thompson
by Jonathan Thompson
December 2nd, 2020

Having Passion

Imagine a career that is precise, unique, positive, and satisfying. One that doesn’t force you into a cubicle, rather, takes you from building to building, city to city, and home to home. A career that allows independence but still operates within a team. Something that consistently leaves a customer or project with a positive experience in which you were able to provide. It’s unique in that most people are unaware it of as a profession, but also each project is slightly different: challenging your techniques to adapt to that project. Installing window film and graphics is not commonly associated as a skilled trade career but it does create a strong feeling of completion.

Every building has graphics and/or window film. This trade is one of the few professions that leaves you with that feeling of being a part of a project. Whether it’s installing solar control film where you and the tenant physically feel a temperature reduction, which creates a more comfortable environment, or installing decorative film and graphics that not only people admire every day, but also what businesses need to identify the location of their offices.

Window film installers rarely stay in the same building for multiple days in a week, they often install products inside of new buildings before they are open to the public. Ask any installer about the projects they have been on and they will tell you in vivid detail interesting facts or obstacles around a particular project. As installers become more experienced, they create faster and more precise approaches to execute the “perfect” installation. Every year, these passionate installers can showcase those techniques, competing with other installers from around the world at the WFCT (International Window Film Conference and Tint-off) for the bragging rights as “the best installer in the world”.

This isn’t just installing plastic on glass, it’s about impacting people in their everyday life. Not every profession gives you that feeling of contributing to a building while also giving you a sense of ownership. This is a profession that gives you that satisfying “It’s finished” feeling of completing a long task that most professions took weeks, months or even years to complete, but you have that feeling every day.

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