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Private Label Window Films Are About to Get a Lot More Official

Apr 8th, 2015

*+-Films manufactured by companies that then receive private labels may now be able to receive National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) ratings under their names. It all started two years ago when the NFRC was approached by a distributor seeking certification of its own brand of window films that were manufactured by other companies that already […]

U.S. Government Turns Up the Heat on Window Film Usage, Testing

Feb 4th, 2015

According to the DOE, window film has a five year payback period when used residentially and a 22 year payback period for commercial use.

*+-The federal government’s confidence in window film continues. Besides funding a new rating system, the Department of Energy (DOE) recently released a report “Windows and Building Envelope Research and Development: Roadmap for Emerging Technologies,” which includes window film as one of those technologies. Specifically, the report lists window film as a “high priority” research and […]

Congress Just Did Something Your Residential Customers Will Want to Hear About

Jan 7th, 2015

*+-In a rare display of bipartisanship, Congress pulled together to pass the “Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014” (HR 5771), signed by the President December 19. While the bill includes many provisions, there is one in particular that residential film installers may want to know about. According to section 25C of the bill, window film […]

Protective Glazing Council International Merges with GANA – Why it’s Important

Oct 1st, 2014

GANA logo

*+-The Protective Glazing Council International (PGC) and the Glass Association of North America’s (GANA) protective glazing committee will soon be one, as the groups are merging. GANA’s technical director Urmilla Sowell, who also serves as the president of PGC, made the announcement last week during the GANA Fall Conference in Toronto. “Many years ago, the protective […]

Window Film Industry on a Roll to a Successful 2014

Feb 12th, 2014

*+-The International Window Film Association (IWFA) says it has expanded its board by 30 percent, increasing from 10 to 13 members, and saw a 15 percent jump in its dealer membership with the start of the New Year. Joining the IWFA board as new manufacturer members are Michael Martin of American Standard Window Film and […]

J. Calvin Hill Passes Away at 66

Nov 4th, 2013


*+-J. Calvin Hill, Jr. age 66, of Canton, Ga., has passed away. Hill was a pioneering leader of the window film industry, a successful businessman, an elected State Representative to the Georgia General Assembly and friend to many. As a successful window film and tools distributor, Hill served on the International Window Film Association as […]

IWFA Offers New Booklet Reports on the Harmful Effect of Indoor Sunlight and Prevention

Oct 29th, 2013

*+-The International Window Film Association (IWFA) says it is expanding its public awareness program to include a free booklet illustrating the unhealthy impact of indoor sunlight on the skin and the steps to take to prevent it. “As we spend more time indoors and in cars exposed to natural sunshine, we open ourselves up to […]

Pre-Registration Discounts End Friday

Aug 28th, 2013

*+-Pre-registration discounts currently offered for the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™ (IWFC) co-sponsored by Window Film magazine and the International Window Film Association (IWFA) will end August 30. Discounted prices, ending Friday, are $179 for IWFA members and $209 for non-members. IWFC registration includes access to all seminars, workshops, social events and admittance to […]

Window Film Works Smarter and Greener to Save Energy Costs

Jul 17th, 2013

*+-The International Window Film Association (IWFA) wants consumers to know that, according to the US Department of Energy (DOE), buildings use 41 percent of our of nation’s energy. The IWFA also says that the DOE reports that 25 to 35 percent of energy wasted in buildings is blamed on inefficient windows. Similarly, the California Energy […]

Make Windows Safer and Less Inviting to Thieves

Jun 19th, 2013

*+-The International Window Film Association (IWFA) is offering common sense tips to protect homeowners from becoming either a crime or health statistic this summer. The IWFA says glass windowpanes that surround a home’s entryway and exterior create an inviting target for thieves, and with summer weather here, severe injuries can be caused from broken shards […]