Don’t Settle for Average

Oct 22nd, 2009

Over the years, I’ve noticed that no matter what the industry, there are always a number of business owners and sales professionals who stand out for their performance. They exceed their industry’s average – and not by just a little. In fact, they seem to blow the others away. In my role as sales and […]

Advocacy Marketing aka “Bragging Bucks”

Jul 29th, 2009

The inspiration for this edition came from an email I received from John Helvey, a successful window film dealer in Kansas City. His question was simple, although the answer is not: “In the tough business climate out there, what does the Guru suggest?” I’m not sure about the “guru” part, but I believe there are […]

Introducing: Mark Bollegar

Jul 1st, 2009

When asked if I’d be interested in writing for a marketing blog, my response was an enthusiastic “YES” – followed by a rush of anxiety about coming up with the topic for this inaugural article. It had to be something that would quickly gain your respect and a brief display of my history may help […]