Former CP Director of Operations Writes of His Experience

In a recent first-person article published by strategy+business magazine, Ralph Sink, a former senior engineer for DuPont and former director of operations for CPFilms, shares a number of his past experiences.

“I took on the task of simultaneously improving results, managing day-to-day activities, and transforming the company,” Sink says of his initial days at CPFilms starting in 1990. “This transformation began with three basic objectives: to maximize our competitive position, to improve the quality of our thinking, and to create a culture of continuous improvement.”

But, in his article, Sink also speaks of what he describes as tumultuous times for the Martinsville, Va.-based film manufacturer.

“The market share of the whole business unit was falling; quality was poor; we had massive inventory costs; production was rife with infighting; there were regular bomb threats at the factory and lost-time injuries at least once every three weeks; on Monday mornings, some operators were too hung over to work; and customers were looking for alternatives,” he says.

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