Winter Continues to Pound Retail Industries

If the groundhog's recent predictions are any indication, it's possible that the slow season will be elongated for solar film dealers this year. This follows a colder-than-usual January-the coldest in 5 years, in fact, and the fourth coldest in 17-plus years.

Retail sales staffs are facing enormous difficulties with the current conditions. The snowiest season in 4 years happens to coincide with a deep economic recession, making for extremely tough times.

But window film is not alone. Retail sales studies show the two most significant factors at driving retail industry, same-store sales are consumer confidence and weather. There is a 78 percent relationship that indicates warmer weather and less snow create more favorable for retail sales, according to research group Weather Trends International. The group's research indicates that for every one degree Fahrenheit colder there is a 0.7 percent drop in retail industry sales. By this measure, January temperatures alone will contribute to a 1.7 percent decline. Economic metrics are equally as dismal with consumer confidence at its lowest ever in January. The Northeast represents the hardest hit region with the coldest conditions in five years, snowfall up 173 percent over last year and sub-freezing days up 25 percent.

Despite research, film dealers have a number of advantages to take hold of. For one, house visits will likely seem a much more viable option for consumers who will want to avoid the weather. Furthermore, the winter season could prove an ideal moment for demonstrating solar heat gain. And, if the groundhog is right, there's still plenty of time to fix the problem before the warmest sun sets in.

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