V-KOOL and P.T. Toyota Astra Promote Green Automotive Films in Indonesia
March 19, 2009

While window film has long and often appeared on the architectural side of the green movement, it is rare that there is mention of it on the automotive side. There has been much speculation that the advent of variable-rate air conditioning compressors will change this, but an Indonesian auto dealership isn't waiting for this to happen.

P.T. Toyota Astra Motor has begun to offer and promote V-KOOL® films throughout its car dealerships in Jakarta, Indonesia, claiming that the product will derive at least three percent greater fuel efficiency and reduce 291 pounds of carbon dioxide output per car annually-an effect that is estimated to equal that of 11 trees.

"The V-KOOL® advanced climate control window film retrofitted on Toyota's auto brands such as Camry and Altis series would enable motorists in Jakarta to decrease their carbon footprint while saving money by enhancing fuel efficiency amidst the challenging economic environment," says Darma Eddie Salim, managing director for P.T V-KOOL® Indo Lestari, an exclusive master franchisee appointed by V-KOOL.

The Jakarta-based dealer does have one advantage over its counterparts from other areas of the globe, however. The company's plan includes using V-KOOL's spectrally selective film on a vehicle's front windscreen, an option that's prohibited in other areas.

"Motorists in Jakarta [offer] demands for high performance window film coatings due to the hot weather and prolonged traffic jams," says Wilson Lim, general manager for V-KOOL International. "Many car owners are actively looking for clear window coating film for front windscreen application for better visibility, safety reasons, effective heat control and fuel efficient technology that can be easily retrofitted onto the glasses of their automobiles."

Company officials state that the Toyota and V-KOOL® partnership represents the first instance in which an automotive brand and a window film supplier have teamed up to offer a climate control window film solution and a comprehensive aftermarket upgrade at the dealership level. All of the Toyota dealer's sales consultants are trained and supported by a customized V-KOOL® Car Dealership Program to understand the new add-on option.

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