Film as Accomplice
April 09, 2009

It's an unfortunate fact that the words "illegal window tint" appear in a large number of police reports nationwide. Polling daily news reports from around the country will provide an exhausting number of incidents. Illegal tint is so closely associated with "suspicious vehicles," that officers frequently admit it is one of their number one tools for identifying potential criminals.

Here's a condensed list of what has surfaced in recent days:

Zanesville, Ohio-When Lesta McCoy was pulled recently for a window film violation, the event ended in charges for driving under suspension, window tint, $325 in charges and 30 days in jail with 20 days suspended … Niagara Falls, N.Y.-Daniel Talles, 22, of Tonawanda, was charged with unlawful possession of marijuana and operating a vehicle without a license. Police stopped Talles for a window tint violation when they found he had no license. Upon a search a green vegetable like substance was found, which field tested positive for marijuana … Eufaula, Ala.-The Eufaula Police Department reported 66 traffic arrests between Thursday and Monday mornings, seven of which were for illegal window tint … Oak Ridge, Tenn.-A traffic stop for illegal tint led to the seizure of two stolen handguns and charges against a local teen. When Oak Ridge Police Department Officer Ray Steakley stopped a 1978 Chevrolet after noting its darkly tinted windows, a K9 alerted on the vehicle. In the unlocked glove compartment, Steakley found a fully loaded Jennings 9mm semi-automatic pistol, which had previously had been reported stolen. A second pistol, a loaded Smith and Wesson .22-caliber semi-automatic, was found in the engine compartment of the vehicle, which also had been reported stolen … And the list goes on …

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