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It's an unfortunate fact that the words "illegal window tint" appear in a large number of police reports nationwide. Polling daily news reports from around the country will provide an exhausting number of incidents. Illegal tint is so closely associated with "suspicious vehicles," that officers frequently admit it is one of their number one tools for identifying potential criminals.

Here's a condensed list of what has surfaced in recent days:

Hamilton, Bermuda-A woman was fined $150 and given six points on her driving record for excessive tint on her car windows. That may sound excessive, but, as it turns out, she was brought to Magistrates' Court on a warrant after failing to appear on a previous occasion. In fact, she had three outstanding tint violations. After pleading guilty, she said that she had misplaced the tickets and therefore missed her court date. When the magistrate asked her if she had removed the tint, the woman replied "Yes," but the magistrate then advised attending police officers, "If not, officers, she's parked outside." … Fort Morgan, Colo.-Ruben Acosta-Diaz, 32, was fined $50 for illegal window tint … Manatee, Fla.-Illegal tint led to the arrest of yet another set of criminals. Authorities say three felons were found with two loaded firearms, hydrocodone pills, gloves and a ski mask after being pulled over for a tint violation. During the stop, officers noticed the vehicle smelled of marijuana, prompting a search. Four men were arrested on firearm and drug possession charges … New York-State police caught a man driving a 1993 Honda Civic at more than double the speed limit. Troopers said a 21-year-old man was clocked travelling at a rate of 137 mph on Interstate 84 in Orange County. 137 wasn't fast enough to evade radar and once the man reached a more reasonable speed (stopped), police took notice of his illegal tint and issued a citation for that as well … Oak Ridge, Tenn.-Police arrested two women for possession of crack cocaine after pulling them for a tint violation. Officers found four people in the car and arrested the two women after his canine partner, Zoej, indicated there were drugs onboard …

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