Film as Accomplice

It's an unfortunate fact that the words "illegal window tint" appear in a large number of police reports nationwide. Polling daily news reports from around the country will provide an exhausting number of incidents. Illegal tint is so closely associated with "suspicious vehicles," that officers frequently admit it is one of their number one tools for identifying potential criminals.

Here's a condensed list of what has surfaced in recent days:

Watertown, N.Y.-Kenneth McDonald, 19, was charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana and Illegal Window Tint after a K9 alert … Griffin, Ga.-A recent stop for illegal tint led to a major drug bust recently. Police caught three Indianapolis men allegedly trafficking a sizable load of methamphetamine. A Georgia State Patrol lieutenant allegedly uncovered 947 grams (more than two pounds) of the drug inside a Ford Explorer the men were driving … Washington, Pa.-Adam Paul Scher, 37, of Bensalem, was stopped for an illegal window tint. After detecting the odor of marijuana, a vehicle search produced numerous pills and suspected marijuana, police said.

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