Clearwater Dealer Changes Name to No Longer Include 'Tint'
April 2, 2009

The word "tint" has long been used to refer to many different types of window film-some even containing or providing no aesthetic tint at all. Some industry members believe the name "tint" most often causes consumers to think of automotive versions of the product. Others believe it places a stigma on the product sector, by summoning memories of inferior versions of the product's yesteryears. One Clearwater, Fla.-based dealer decided it was time to change his company's name to avoid these possibilities altogether.

"It was basically a marketing decision on my end," explains Russell Livernois, owner of Florida Professional Window Films (FPWF), previously named Solarity Glass Tinting.

"The world of window films has come a long way from the traditional window tint seen on vehicles. I want my customers to know that there is a whole realm of possibilities available to them with window film."

Livernois' business provides everything from automotive to spectrally selective architectural films, but he believes customers won't always think of high-end architectural products when they see the word "tint." This is what inspired the name change. And Livernois believes it's important, now more than ever, to market in a way that catches the thoughts of energy-conscious architectural customers. He believes that consumer awareness is aligning with this product segment, as a result of the recent focus on energy conservation.

"The true benefits of window film have finally come to be recognized by energy companys, insurance providers and government agencies," he says. "With the rising cost of energy and the desire of homeowners and business owners to cut their energy consumption and jump on the 'green' wagon, the window film market has stepped up to help fill the need for a passive, cost-effective and high quality solution for cutting heating and cooling costs."

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